Chair Cushion Adjustable Chair with Bunnies Pattern Set with Backrest and Seat Cover


  • Compatible with FORNEL (aka Heartwood) Adjustable Wooden Highchair
  • Made with Pure Cotton fabric with a fiber filling
  • Easy to Mount, Remove, Wash and Dry
  • Coating makes it Easy to wipe Clean
  • Carefully engineered seams provide structure for extra strength

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Bunnies Chair Cushion for FORNEL (aka Heartwood) Adjustable Chair set with Backrest and Seat Cover.

Cushion for Adjustable High Chair for toddlers and children. Sometimes toddlers need a little extra comfort when they sit on our adjustable chair.

Quilted for superior comfort, this ingenious cushion has been carefully designed to give your children that added a bit of support when they first begin using their <FORNEL highchair.

Available in sweet and playful patterns: Stars, Bunnies, Grey Pine, Polar Bear, Tan, Grey

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